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When is an entertainment lawyer necessary?

If you are already making money off your music, you should get a lawyer immediately. You definitely want one if you are entering into any sort of deal, whether written or verbal (development, distribu...

Answered by: Brandon Anand (Entertainment Attorney – Anand Law) 71 views

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When bringing on the services of an entertainment lawyer, how does paying them work? Flat rate? Hourly?

Attorneys work on many different models. One way is an hourly rate structure—meaning, you pay for all work done based on the amount of time the attorney spends multiplied by their hourly rate. Typic...

Answered by: Brandon Anand (Entertainment Attorney – Anand Law) 87 views

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What is the usual financial split for a track between the artist/songwriters/producers?

In order to address this, we have to break down the parts to every song. First, there is the “Musical Composition,” which is the written music (the notes and lyrics). Although these days most comm...

Answered by: Brandon Anand (Entertainment Attorney – Anand Law) 79 views

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What are the usual factors that determine the splits between the artist/songwriters/producers?

The base standard for the copyright in a Sound Recording is 50% to artists/vocal performers (e.g. singers, rappers) and 50% to the producers. The base standard for a musical Composition is 50% of the ...

Answered by: Brandon Anand (Entertainment Attorney – Anand Law) 117 views

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When should splits be determined? Before or after a project gets done?

As soon as each song is completed, a split sheet should be signed by everyone who created the music. As much as possible, and it can be difficult given the way music is actually created, it should be ...

Answered by: Brandon Anand (Entertainment Attorney – Anand Law) 135 views

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Should I do something to get me viral on social media to get attention on my music?

That's an old school mentality. Viral now is happening every day. Everybody’s viral now. You don’t only have to do controversial, you’ve got to be creative and dope. It also sometimes takes mone...

Answered by: JMaine (Producer/RnBass Founder & CEO) 76 views

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I’m a new artist starting my career at 34 years old, are there any advantages? How do I overcome the disadvantages?

One advantage that he may have is that he may be better than some of these younger artists as far as skill level, possibly, just because as we get older we hone into our sound. You know how you talk; ...

Answered by: JMaine (Producer/RnBass Founder & CEO) 70 views

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Music albums seem to have less and less tracks these days. Is that because of marketing purposes? Or to cater to the way people consume music these days?

I think it’s because these bands, these artists don't even have enough fans to put out an entire project like a Drake, or a Rihanna or a Beyonce. They’re evaluating their fan-base and putting out ...

Answered by: JMaine (Producer/RnBass Founder & CEO) 65 views

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With the human attention span getting shorter due to social media, does song length matter these days? We’re seeing track lengths of less than 2 minutes sometimes.

It doesn’t matter unless your song’s like 45 seconds then that just seems kinda funny. People want more than 45 seconds usually. But honestly, on average, people only listen to 43 seconds of a son...

Answered by: JMaine (Producer/RnBass Founder & CEO) 58 views

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How do you select who to collaborate on a track with?

I select people that are extremely dope and have something moving for themselves, so some type of movement on social media, some type of streaming movement, some type of the numbers that they’re abl...

Answered by: JMaine (Producer/RnBass Founder & CEO) 46 views