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What are the usual factors that determine the splits between the artist/songwriters/producers?

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1 Answers

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    The base standard for the copyright in a Sound Recording is 50% to artists/vocal performers (e.g. singers, rappers) and 50% to the producers. The base standard for a musical Composition is 50% of the copyright to lyricists and 50% to the producers. Although these are typical starting points, everything is negotiable. As with any negotiation, everything comes down to leverage (consider the common situation where an artist/producer/writer must take a smaller split that their contribution would suggest because they are new and have little or no leverage). Factors that are taken into consideration in determining splits include: what each person contributed to the music/recording, the stature of each performer/writer/producer, and relationships. These factors are considered when determining the overall splits, and the splits when there are more than one artist/songwriter/producer on each track.

    Brandon Anand (Entertainment Attorney – Anand Law) - Mar 28, 2020 |

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