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What is the usual financial split for a track between the artist/songwriters/producers?

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1 Answers

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    In order to address this, we have to break down the parts to every song. First, there is the “Musical Composition,” which is the written music (the notes and lyrics). Although these days most commercial music is not written down before being recorded (it is produced on devices without having first written out notes), a composition still exists based on the music created. The copyright to a Musical Composition is typically divided 50% to the lyricist(s) and 50% to the producer(s). Second, there is a recording of the music, which is called a “Sound Recording.” Rights to the copyright in a Sound Recording are typically split 50% to the producer(s) and 50% to the artist(s). Not that producers own part of the copyright to both the Musical Composition and the Sound Recording. This is because they both wrote the music (even if not written down by hand) and performed it on the recording. It is also not uncommon for various other people to take points (a percent) of Sound Recordings and/or Compositions, including executive producers, A&Rs, musicians, and engineers.

    Brandon Anand (Entertainment Attorney – Anand Law) - Mar 28, 2020 |

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