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When is an entertainment lawyer necessary?

Asked by: (Traklife Founder/CEO) 72 views Business

1 Answers

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    If you are already making money off your music, you should get a lawyer immediately. You definitely want one if you are entering into any sort of deal, whether written or verbal (development, distribution, recording, etc.). Even if you have no deals on the table, if you are creating music with others, you should obtain legal advice as to what your rights are. For example, even if not yet selling your music, you want to protect your rights by having split sheets signed by all who worked on the music. You should be sure that you obtain advice from a lawyer familiar with the legal issues that relate to music, as these issues are unique and most lawyers do not have knowledge of them.

    Brandon Anand (Entertainment Attorney – Anand Law) - Mar 28, 2020 |

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