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When should splits be determined? Before or after a project gets done?

Asked by: (Traklife Founder/CEO) 136 views

1 Answers

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    As soon as each song is completed, a split sheet should be signed by everyone who created the music. As much as possible, and it can be difficult given the way music is actually created, it should be done before a project is released. Push to get this done, whether on your own, or through a representative. You can always have a split sheet handy that you can complete at the end of a session. If that doesn’t work for you, try to get it done as soon after, whether that is directly through you or by your lawyer or manager. If you have a lawyer, get them the names of everyone who worked on the music, their contact information, and who did what. Get this information to your lawyer as soon as possible, and let them deal with getting the paperwork signed.

    Brandon Anand (Entertainment Attorney – Anand Law) - Mar 28, 2020 |

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