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With the human attention span getting shorter due to social media, does song length matter these days? We’re seeing track lengths of less than 2 minutes sometimes.

Asked by: (Traklife Founder/CEO) 59 views Creativity

1 Answers

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    It doesn’t matter unless your song’s like 45 seconds then that just seems kinda funny. People want more than 45 seconds usually. But honestly, on average, people only listen to 43 seconds of a song, which is weird – 43 or 45. But then you have those really engaged musically that listen to the whole thing, which might be 14 percent of your listeners. That extra 14 percent of people, you’re going to lose that so you have minus 14 percent of listeners on your music. Why would you want to take out those die-hard fans? You want die-hard fans. You don’t want short attention span fans. If you want short attention span fans, then that’s what your career will be, period.

    JMaine (Producer/RnBass Founder & CEO) - Mar 23, 2020 |

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