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    Building your brand as an artist requires a network of vendors, services, and partnerships. Search our directory platform for the pieces you need to help build that brand.

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    The music industry of today is always changing and evolving. A little information goes a long way. Get the answers you need on how to navigate through the music business.

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    Our platform is heavily powered by Spotify as we break new artists to the world. Have a chance to have your music selected for our Spotify playlists and grow your streaming numbers.

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    You've created your music. You've put it out to the world. Now get discovered by our curators for radio, video, editorial, streaming, and live performance opportunities.

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    Being an artist doesn't have to be costly. Utilize our affiliations and partnerships with other brands to help you save money on the tools you need to emerge in your music career.

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    ALL content submissions is viewed or listened to by our team for definite consideration for features, highlights, airtime, and placement onto the Traklife Media Platform.

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Traklife is on the forefront of the next wave of artists that are ready for their shot at the spotlight

With over 7 years in the digital media space, Traklife Media has been deeply immersed within the music community amongst a large network of artists and industry professionals. Traklife has been a source of opportunity and information for that community and is taking that service to the next level with EMERGE.

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